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Kineticism playlist for 09/20/2014

A Date with DJ Angela playlist for 09/20/2014

WOMP and Trance Nation playlist for 09/20/2014

Hope people can listen in their cars at least! :/

Remembering the 80'and 90's : Spotlight Performance

So I'm changing it up!
This performance is a little different from my past posts.

This is a performance from a talented young woman who is no longer alive but her memory still is. There was a great movie about her, and there are two songs most people know her for. This performance is neither of those two specific songs (if we are all thinking about the same songs). lol

I just recently found this performance and song, and I love it!

GIVE IT UP FOR ---------->>>>>

Aimee & Joanna's 100% Natural Good Time Band Solution playlist for 09/20/2014


Rob's Random Radio

on Fall 2014 Wednesday 4-6pm.

The Mid-Afternoon Breakfast Club

on Fall 2014 Saturday 2-4pm.

The Bear Attack playlist for 09/19/2014

the mix of rock, metal, and dance

The Megapixel Mix playlist for 09/19/2014

A Really Cool Show playlist for 09/18/2014

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